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The history of faculty of Geographical Sciences


Geography at Kharazmi University from Teachers' Training center up to the faculty of Geographical Sciences:1928-2010


Teaching geography was formally began at Kharazmi University (formerly known as Teachers' Training higher education center) from 1928 under a joint program with the name of "History and Geography" in the Faculty of Literature and Humanities. The History and Geography programs were separated in 1961 and taught until 1978; during this period, Geography was taught in two fields of "Physical Geography Teaching" and "literary Geography Teaching" at Bachelor's level. In 1992 non-teaching programs were also added. The first MSc program in 1992 and the first PhD program in physical geography (Climatology) in 1999 were established in the Department of Geography of Kharazmi University


The necessity of establishing a faculty of Geographical Sciences and Technology was suggested to the University Council in 1995 by appointing a joint project in terms of mixing geography and geology departments into faculty of Earth Sciences. Joint meetings between the two departments did not succeed. Finally, in 2000, the establishment of faculty of Geographical Sciences and Technology was approved by the University Council within the framework of a comprehensive program of the faculty of Literature and Humanities (2001-2010). With this background, the establishment of the faculty of Geographical Sciences at the University Council was expressed again in 2006 and finally in 2010 was approved by the Board of Trustees of the Kharazmi University